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Develomax is 100% all natural herbs and promotes natural breast tissue development.

Your breasts will grow because our all natural formula helps your body to produce the hormones that promote breast tissue growth. Throughout a woman's life, there are countless hormonal changes that take place. These changes occur week to week, month to month, and year to year. A common misunderstanding is that the more breast tissue a woman starts out with, the bigger breasts she will have, end of story. That is only a small part of the equation.

Women's breasts have hormone receptor sites that respond to estrogens circulating in the body. These estrogens carry the messages that control breast growth during puberty and adolescence. The more estrogen that a young woman produces, the more breast tissue development occurs. As puberty ends, the breast tissue growth is considered to be permanent, but that will depend on how many hormones the breast tissue received, as well as genetics.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her breasts are stimulated by very high levels of hormones. Pregnancy hormones are different than those prevalent at puberty. Likewise, there are other hormone shifts that occur after childbirth and while nursing that allow the breast tissue swelling of pregnancy to disappear afterwards. There are other hormones at play during this stage other than estrogen. The same hormonal changes that affect a woman's menstrual cycle or delays it after pregnancy, are the same that allow the breast tissue to atrophy.

In creating and formulating Develomax, we have isolated the phytoestrogens that most resemble the hormones that cause permanent breast growth! They are the specific growth hormones that the receptor sites in the breasts respond to the most. What we have achieved is promoting the same kind of natural breast growth that occurs in puberty and adolescence.

Because Develomax is so specific to the breasts, the breast tissue is the only tissue that will grow. In other words, we have no reported instances of weight gain associated with our product other than growth in the breasts themselves. Develomax actually has the added benefit of relieving PMS and menopause symptoms such as headaches, bloating, insomnia, hot flashes, and moodiness.
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